2 March 2007
Live Music Petition
Hello everyone, Mark here.
This dropped into my inbox today and I felt strongly enough about it to go to the Number 10 website and register my vote! Briefly, our wonderful government (UK) has recently passed legislation that has put more restriction on the performance of live music everywhere from pubs to schools. Marillion started off playing pubs twenty mumble years ago and there are now fewer places for up-and-coming bands to play than ever. This is just another nail in the coffin of live music in this country. Please take a look at the petition and sign it if you live in the UK. It takes about 10 seconds.
The live music/licensing e-petition now has 33,460 signatures. It currently stands at No.5 in the list of 4210 petitions on the Number 10 website. Let's get it to No.1
One more thing...
If you haven't already placed you order for our new CD "Somewhere Else" over at Townsend Records (www.townsendrecords.co.uk/marillion) yet, what are you waiting for? Many of you have asked "Why Townsend Records and not one of the other online shops?" Well, firstly you'll get a bonus DVD featuring 3 tracks from the new album played live at the Marillion Weekend 2007, and secondly we end up with a larger share of the profits from sales through Townsend enabling us to carry on doing what we do - making the best music we can. There's no "pre-order" with this album but the advanced sales we make through Townsend Records are just as important to us.
Thanks again for your support and we'll see you on tour - a new date has just been added and tickets are selling fast (a few shows have even sold out already). Come and say hello and I'll buy you a drink (I'm the bald one at the back)