27 January 2007
Somewhere Else Pre-Order
It has been a bit of a silent 2007 so far, and we're sorry we haven't written to you sooner - but it's going to be worth the wait!
As most of you probably know, our new (and 14th!) album "Somewhere Else" is now finished, set to be released on 9th April 2007, and is one hell of an album. Unlike previous years where we've had extensive pre-order campaigns, this album is taking more of a "normal" course into the shops - but of course we've found a way to put a twist on it.
We will not be selling the album on our website until it's released, but our friends at Townsend Records will be putting our album on sale NOW for advance order... and not only that, if you pre-order from them you'll get Something Else: an exclusive DVD of 3 new tracks from "Somewhere Else" recorded live at the Marillion Weekend 2007 as part of your order.
This DVD won't be for sale - it's ONLY available if you pre-order "Somewhere Else" from www.townsend-records.co.uk/marillion - not too bad, eh? What lovely chaps they are.
More details about the new album and some new desktop wallpapers are also available at www.marillion.com, and when we get back from the Marillion Weekend 2007 we'll put up some sound clips, too.
...And speaking of the Marillion Weekend, we hope you enjoy the teasers at the warm-up show in London, and see some of you in The Netherlands this coming Friday!