“The streetlights in the water, The moment outside of real life...”Fantastic Place
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Helmer | Hogarth

©2016 Intact Records. All rights Reserved.

Holidays in Eden

Did you ever feel that just by jumping on a plane
All your cares would drop away
And you'd be born again

Returning to a nature child
Happy wild and free
But forgetfulness is a river
And you know where the river leads

Holidays in Eden
Life before the fall
See no, hear no, speak no evil
Feel no guilt, feel no guilt at all

Naked through the jungle
Mud between your toes
Following the river
Where the river flows

The creatures of the forest bid you
"Welcome to the dark"
Nothing here can hurt you
Darkness has no heart

Holidays in Eden
Paradise regained
See no, hear no, speak no evil
Throw your past away

You wake up one morning
Wondering who you are
There's a map of a new country up on the wall
All your new lovers merge into one
You've done everything under the sun
There's a date on the air ticket
And the money's gone

Back in your own country
Nothing seems the same
No one comes around at night
Or uses your new name

Hearing silent whispers
Old friends are acting strange
No one wants to know you now
People say you've changed

Holidays in Eden
Life before the fall
See no, hear no, speak no evil
Feel no guilt at all

Holidays in Eden
Paradise and light
Heaven loses you to this world
Leaves you alone
Kiss your home goodbye

(She says she's lonely)