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| Kelly | Mosley | Rothery | Trewavas

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Voice in the Crowd

There's something I have to tell you
Before it's too late
There's someone needs a timing
I could be the same
Got to listen to you clearly
Would you understand it all
Would you hold it all together
Do we run up in the bar

Everyone needs someone to listen to
If you don't want to shine on
Could you know it all
And if someone lay before you know it could be true
A voice in the crowd

You came upon an ...
Just an alibi
Did you have to go do it
To feel you want to try
If you'd only see the reason ...
Someone came, someone rose, someone left

I don't know if you could be sure
You don't understand
And if the days were good
You never know the way we planned
And if the time is there ...
A voice in the crowd
A voice in the crowd